By: uriahrichard | October 29, 2015

Today we have finished uploading portions completed for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  However, Class 5, 6 and 7 have only Maths.  Others will be uploaded most likely tomorrow.  Hope everyone is benefiting from the Web Dimension.


Richard Uriah


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Posted on : November 08, 2015

Actually the PPTs are all available on this site for download. Please
go to the home page, on the Left hand side you will see a number of
buttons. The 1st button says HOME, 2nd says CONTACT and the 3rd says
PORTIONS COMPLETED. Click on this 3rd button, then LOWER PRIMARY AND
UPPER PRIMARY will appear. Depending on the class you are interested in
select. After you have finished clicking on the class, you will see the
subject name and under each Subject, the lessons completed. click on
the lesson name then a page will open, which are the PPTS. Right Click
on the page and click SAVE AS, a PDF file of the page will be saved to
your computer. Hope this solves your problem.

D.S Dhar

Posted on : November 07, 2015

I've checked the website it's good but if you add the
P.P.T's it will be much helpful and also there are no portions
available to download.


Posted on : November 06, 2015

Please do not forget to post the school's history and achievements.
Thank you

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